20 Examples of Modern Arabic Logos

Over the years you can notice that traditional Arabic logos are changing, successfully incorporating elements of western graphic design getting a unique and modern look. Blending different elements to form a convincing Arabesque feeling requires a very diverse skill set. In this post I have hand-picked a great collection of 20 unique Arabic logos treated with a contemporary design approach. Hope you enjoy!

Al Khomasiya Design by Cristina Ludwig

Modern Arabic Logo - Al Khomasiya Design by Cristina Ludwig

Arab Techies Design by Aissam Hamoud

Arab Techies

Al Burj Real Estate Design by Anas Shanti

Al Burj Real Estate

Bahrain Polytechnic Design by Cristina Ludwig

bahrain polytechnic

Andalus BookStore Design by Beshoy William


Saudi Factor Disc Design by Eslam Abo El-enien

Saudi Factor Disc

The Salon Design by International Nomads

The Salon

Almuna Design by Nadim Twal


Hotel Souq Waqif Design by Khawar Bilal

hotel souq waqif

Abu al Khayr Design by Mads Burcharth

Abu al Khayr

Misr Egypt Tourism Design by Mo Shennawy

Misr, Logo for Egypt Tourism  2008

Hala Telecommunication Design by Cristina Ludwig

HALA telecommunication

Marna Design Design by Mohammed Ammar

Marna Design

Arabic Tech Design by Otba Mushaweh

Arabic Tech

Sharjah Television Design by Rammal

Sharjah Television

United Arab Emirates Venice Biennale Pavilion Design by Salah Sadeq

united arab emirates venice biennale pavilion

The Judicial Council Design by Nadim Twal

The Judicial Council

Museum Gift Shop Design by Sara Al-Mudhaf

Museum Gift Shop

Wujoud Design by Cristina Ludwig


Abdualmohsin Althyeb & Partners Design by Eslam Abo El-enien

Abdualmohsin Althyeb & Partners


27 Responses to “20 Examples of Modern Arabic Logos”
  1. Great showcase… really nice collection…

  2. Steve Zelle says:

    Great post. I found this very interesting, especially Wujoud Design by Cristina Ludwig as an Arabic Logo. Misr Egypt Tourism Design by Mo Shennawy is nice as well.

  3. Guy Rintoul says:

    Interesting… though IMHO they’re all playing it a little safe and standard.

  4. Altaf Shaikh says:

    Ohhh.. it’s really nice, and get fresh idea about gulf region… very help full for new logo for arabic region… Thanks you very much….

  5. Deficiency substituting Great post and collection!

  6. RAMMAL says:

    Hello Guys!
    Thank you for posting my logo on your site, I would be thankful if you change the link to my website to : http://www.behance.net/rammal
    since there is nothing to display yet on my blogspot!
    Many Thanks & Regards

  7. RAMMAL says:

    Thank you for your quick response!

  8. Thank you for using my work here. And thanks for the compliments. =]

  9. Thanks for showcasing my work on this page…

  10. nice i love it u can post my logos too your web site


    i hope u visit my blog


  11. Samer says:

    cool to be featured here…. and really cool to see all the great works in one place!

  12. Poovannan.A says:

    Nice and cool logo designs anr are quite interesting…

  13. Poovannan.A says:

    Quite interesting logos…

  14. Jasmine says:

    Hello, sorry for my bad english, i’m french, I look for a person to make me an oriental or Arabic logo for my future company e business if somebody is interesting he can contact me jasmineandco@gmail.com

  15. Mohammed Ammar says:

    Thanks a lot for posting my work here … thanks again

  16. Manik says:

    Nice showcase. These logos are really awesome and inspiring as well.

  17. Isabelle says:

    Very nice logos gallery, wow ! My favourite is the Hala Telecommunication Design one. The design says everything.

  18. khan says:

    logos are very fine and beautiful please make my logo in Arabic word
    JOHN’S CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES i don’t no the translation of this words in Arabic

  19. Shah says:

    Hi, Can anyone help me make a logo with Arabic calligraphy? Thanks

  20. Elviera says:

    I really like these logos and they serve as inspiration for my own logo that I am busy designing. I have a photography, website design and graphic design company which will now have an Arab touch to the logo! Ooooooh! So excited!

  21. Hani says:

    Some of them are nice. Some are cliché. Arab techies and Al Burj real estate are going that extra miles.
    Aldar logo should be here… It was created with the exact thought of “what is modern Arabic”.

  22. med says:

    Thank you for share those beautiful logos, lot of inspiration for me.

  23. Very nice collection, I’m doing research for a client that is from Syria and trying to get a feel for Middle Eastern pseudo-modernistic design. Thanks much!

  24. FuelmyBrand says:

    Some of our arabic logo design work is also displayed at http://www.fuelmybrand.com/blog/arabic-logo-design/ which is a good source of inspiration considering the contemporary design techniques. Hope you guys like!

  25. Talal says:

    great logos, how can I contact the designer to do my logo ?


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